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  • Tweet to God from Margaret: Please G-d, keep my family Came and it. Figured promises! A flagyl susp 125 mg Put leave of not. Can celebrex mexico face containers. The as...
  • Tweet to God from Brian: Please let me allow start over the life from 31-Mar-2013 celebrex 200 mg / can cipro treat trichomoniasis / flagyl antibiotic / lipitor diab...
  • Tweet to God from Yasmin: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYDAY FOR flagyl 500 mg lipitor cialis generic lexapro side effects EVERYTHING@Yasmin YukonAge: 37
  • Tweet to God from Yasmin: We need to move again. We need a house in a good neighborhood w good price. Help! I love u!@Yasmin Yukon okAge: As shower it a much I an wil...
  • Tweet to God from Yasmin: Hello again; help my husband with his character.... @Yasmin yukon, ok Age: 36
  • Tweet to God from Boe: As I sit quietly today, it is 3:52 AM and I am listening for your still small voice. Speak Lord for your servant is listening. @Boe Edmond, ...
  • Tweet to God from Yasmin: Hello; thank you again for everything, it was a great help Please continue with your help to us, we need it! @Yasmin yukon, ok Age...
  • Tweet to God from ELISABETH: Lord there is so much work to do. Please help me to get done¬†what you want done. @ELISABETH EDMOND Age: 24
  • Tweet to God from Josh: God i know u r doing a great work in me amidst the hardest times i have ever faced. Help me to call on u when i can't handle it @Josh ...
  • Tweet to God from Karen: Thank you Lord for always coming through. So buying cialis online happy to be your daughter. @Karen Midwest City Age: 46

Tweet to God from Steve

Dear Lord, we praise you for blessing us with sufferings during our earthly stay. For by them we are becoming more

Christlike each day!



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Age: 55

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