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Try Prayer First

Mark chapter nine recounts a one-of-a-kind day for Jesus. On the top of a mountain, He had experienced walking and talking with Elijah and Moses in the presence of three of his most trusted apostles—Peter,

James and John. God had spoken from

the cloud, proclaiming: “This is my Son, whom I love: listen to Him.” What an impression it must have made on the three disciples present!

 But for every mountain top experience there is a valley and Jesus walks right into one next. The disciples left below had caused a commotion as they tried to heal a demonic possessed boy and failed. In the process they gathered quite a crowd. Seeing the crowd, Jesus rebukes the spirit in the boy and gets immediate results.

“Why couldn’t we drive it out?” the disciples asked later, probably a little perplexed and a little sheepish over failing in front of all of those people.

“This kind can come out only by prayer,” Jesus replied.

My question is this: what exactly had they tried? Had they honestly thought they had it within themselves to call out the spirit? Had their powers to heal and cast out spirits caused His followers to forget that Jesus was the very source of their power?

But before we rush to judge them, ask yourself: aren’t we all capable of doing the same thing? Let me just work my way out of this financial problem; no need to pray. Let the doctors handle this disease; medicine is what’s needed, not prayer. Let’s get counseling for this family problem instead of spending hours in prayer together.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with hard work, medicine or counseling, to name a few of the ways we try to get out of the situations we find ourselves in. But like those followers of Jesus so long ago, we just need to be reminded that prayer isn’t a last resource, it’s a first defense.

So, what’s in your life that will come out only with prayer?

If My People

Grieved for my country as I kneel down tonight, our nation is torn by division and strife.
The pointing of fingers and shouting of blame, the beginning of violence and absence of shame.

Our leaders are filled with arrogance and pride, both parties unyielding as they line up their sides.
Not one leader has surfaced and offered us peace, with no one willing to bow to their knees.

Agendas must pause for a moment of prayer, and ask our great God for his guidance and care.
He said if you lack wisdom, to ask and receive, but instead of your presence we’ve asked You to leave.

Our prayers have been silenced across this great land, what once was so cherished has been governed and banned.
Life, once was valued and guarded as light, now it’s a choice between the left and the right.

Your laws and your statutes once adorned our great halls, no longer are welcomed or hang on our walls.
The children were taught that knowledge and truth, were targets of life with His love as our fruit.

Gazing back over some fifty years, remembering when grace was always so near.
Cheating, and lying were breaking the rules, and those type of actions not allowed in our schools.

We’ve strayed from our virtues and standards so high, and forgotten our founders who gave up their lives.
The time has now come to bow on our knees, pleading forgiveness, for making You grieve.

Forsaking our God and his righteous decrees, has left us adrift to do as we please.
Resistence has come as pride settled in, but grace

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for the humble as we repent of our sins.

Our God and our Father, Savior and King, help us allow you to touch everything.
Our government, our laws, our land and our people, from Wall Street to Main Street and inside our steeples.

We hunger dear Lord for your presence within, as we renew our commitment to serve you again.
Loving and serving and remembering the cross, let us never forget you always weighing the cost.

Restore our great land and the honor we’re needing, the values and virtues our founders were seeding.
They taught to their children and branded their hearts, let freedom ring loud, with me let it start!

So I’ll be the first to lay down my pride, and fall to my knees and look to the sky.
The answer and longings are held in His hand, turn back to our God and He’ll restore our great land!

By Boe Parrish

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Walking With God

Beginning this journey some thirty-five years past, With a prayer of faith most said wouldn’t last. More peace and more challenge than I’d ever known, But reading and praying I had steadily grown. Now His Truth deep inside and guiding my choices, He gave me daily assignments as I trust in His voice. My life serving others, who are hurting and lost, Is the model He left us regardless of cost. To connect at their need no value is greater, Their heart you’ll soon win as they discover the Savior. The words have been few as I’ve lived out my walk, Compassion in action I’ve allowed it to talk. The canada pharmacy lost as my target I know where to go, Anyplace where they gather and my Savior I’ll show. Walking among them so slowly at first, Listening and serving and developing their thirst. Affording many a man a glance of a Christian, That’s living and serving and sitting to listen. It’s not what we know that will change a man’s life,

But letting them know that they matter…their hurt and their strife. You see walking with God day by day always changes, Among the lost and the hurting and all of the strangers. Staying in touch with God up above, Receiving direction and being refueled by his love. It’s viagra generic so easy to do as we move all about, Unless we skip our devotion and our love all runs out. Then veterinary pharmacy online canada we’ll struggle and pharmacy supply canada strain with our own strength we’ll strive, And notice no difference with the hurt in their eyes. Walking with God many mistakes have I made? But growing and learning the foundation was laid. And over the years as lives intertwine, God’s purpose fulfilled with His life and mine. The journey’s been worth it as I look at the fruit, The lives that were changed, giving Satan the boot. A fish out of water; some days I felt odd, But levitra maximum effect I treasure my time I’ve spent walking with God. Boe Parrish

Sunday Morning Prayer

I hunger and thirst this morning Lord,
For more of your presence, power and love.
Thousands of faces, thousands of lives,
No where to be found as I gaze in your eyes.

They’re hurting so much with a lack of direction,
No sense of a Savior or divine protection.
How can we reach them and show them your grace,
As we gather again in your holy place.

Another week has come and has passed,
And we’re no closer now than the time of our last,
Meeting and singing and hanging around,
As we enjoy our lives without uttering a sound.

Of hope and love and heaven above,
Of showing the value of bountiful love.
We continue to say that we love and we care,
And week after week we’ve intended to share.

Of the goodness and peace only God’s love provides,
If we could only find time to speak in their lives.
But run and hustle to the church we must go,
For more activities to help us to grow.

No time for relating and seeking the lost,
Or healing their hurts or showing the cost,
Of a Savior who died and laid out a plan,
For every soul living, the value of man.

What’s wrong with this picture is easy to see,
Our focus and time is spent to much on me.
Change our heart oh God and please help to guide us,
Into the world that is standing beside us.

So lost and so lonely, there’s so much to do,
With your love oh Lord and the power of Truth,
We’ll go into the world that is setting before us.
We’ll offer our lives, like the One come before us.

To serve and to listen and love with our eyes,
As the lost so burdened releases their cries,
And slowly and surely comes transformation,
As they finally hear of your plan of salvation.

For this is my prayer and this is my plea
If for no others…then Lord it’s for me!

Boe Parrish

The Greatest Commandment

Lord I love you today and pledge my devotion,
And do as you ask to put love in motion.
Show me a need and connect me to others
Who requires a touch from one of the brothers.

Whose hands are clean and heart is pure,
Accepts inconvenience and delivers the cure.
He knows the call and accepts the task,
To model discipleship and do what you ask.

Come along side and love and to teach,
So our new-born believer will soon go to reach,
Another like him whose need is so great,
He must not tarry as time grows late.

With passion for caring now graphed inside,
He looks and he searches and watches their eyes,
For hurt and for hunger so long been the norm,
The Word placed within to calm every storm.

Living our life and now looking above,
Longing for purpose and celebrex coupon distributing love,
Realizing so many need only a touch,
From buy levitra pills online a compassionate friend that could unleash pharmacy online so much.
celebrex 200mg
Help me remember as we pass through our days,
It’s not about me, and having my way.
But investing our lives in those walking beside us,
With hurt in their eyes, their hope is inside us.

Getting it out and sharing with all,
Is what He requires its part of our call,
Of cialis online living and caring and listening to God,
Following his precepts and being a servant to all.

Boe Parrish


It’s sometimes hard to put into words,
This feeling of hope that moves me and stirs.
But the moment in life when we find that there is none,
Is like a cold winter’s day without the warmth of the sun.

Brought to me daily through a shared laugh or a smile,
As we journey through life again mile after mile.
To imagine our lives as we are trying to

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Ending a day thinking God there’s no hope.

Unexpected knocking that comes at the door,
No one’s expected as I travel the floor,
Fling open the door and adjusting my eyes,
Adversity delivered, and hope vaporized.

Through hurt and through sorrow, does hope often wane?
Struggling and striving we’ll work through our pain.
The challenge begins as hope disappears,
And the voices of doubt now ring in our ears.

Day after day as we move all around,
Surviving a again but not uttering a sound,
To folks walking by with smiles on their faces,
Busily headed to all of their places.

All seem so bliss as they’re walking past me,
Struggling with nothing and shouting with glee.
Alone and exhausted and stress on my face,
No friend I can turn to as I ponder my fate.

Clouds gather and darken and swirl to and fro,
As I ponder inside which direction I’ll go.
Without hope to survive or a friend by my side,
No one will notice if I exit or die.

As the decision is made in my heart,
A companion stops by and it gives me a start.
To dinner he asks and then to a movie,
Warmth came inside, and I found that it moved me.

Compassionate talk and a few minutes of time,
Is all that I needed to help clear my mind.
Some day he will know of the darkness he broke,
With his listening heart and words that he spoke.

Tomorrow will come with new strength from a friend,
As I cry out to God and I trust him again.
For one step at a time I’m changing my scope,
Thanking God up above for delivering HOPE.


Forgiving others is the key to this walk,
As we travel through life, while sharing our talk,
Unforgiveness and bitterness are destroying our lives,
Has hardened our hearts and blinded our eyes.

The love was alive and so easily flowed,
Propelled us to new heights as He faithfully showed,
Secrets and treasures embedded in gold,
Through the Word that he left us, that was feeding our soul.

Reading and praying and loving the lost,
We were sharing the truth regardless of cost.
The pathway provided was filled with excitement,
As we grew in His love before the entrapment.

We were doing His will while serving others,
When an incident happened with one of the brothers.
Feelings were bruised and division occurred,
Many were hurt, but no forgiveness was heard.

Days quickly passed, and things seemed to be better,
But deep down inside our heart had turned bitter.
The love so alive that once flowed so freely,
Had vanished from within and no longer came easy.

More important than this the forgiveness we’ve learned,
Was conditional with all until our hearts they were turned.
To our brother we wounded some time in the past,
We realized at once the damage we’d cast.

No time to waste as our heart ached to live,
Our brother we sought to heal and forgive.
No one had ever done more in the past,
To shape us and mold us as disciples so fast.

How could we possibly let this divide,
Cause so many to hurt and force them to pick sides.
But now we realize just how much it has hurt,
Our stubbornness and pride and being so curt.

The moment of truth now standing before us,
We all stood forgiving like singing a chorus.
Pride or ego or just being right,
No longer mattered, we

have to unite.

Because we’re forgiven for all sins of the past,
If we do the same, our friendships will last.
Throughout all our days we will treasure the peace
We have deep within that forgiveness released.

Boe Parrish

Can you Tweet to God?

You may think that it strange to tweet to God. But is it really any different than talking to God or praying to God?

God can hear any commcation we make to him. He wants to hear from us. We are his children.